Runtime Parameters

Determines content and layout of different newsletter versions. Common values are applied first, then any values to be set or reset for the specific newsletter type are applied. [common] CONTENTS ARTICLE,TIPS=10,MONTHIMAGE,ARTICLE,PASTARTICLES,TIPS=0 / EDITPID AUTO / Article Source QUOTEBOX true / Quotes TIPSBOX true / Tips and Wine Speak OLDBOX true / Previous Articles TASTEBOX true / Wine Steward Selections MARQUEEWIDGET true / Marquee
ALT1WIDGET false / Odd month utility widget ALT2WIDGET false / Utility widget WELCOMEWIDGET false / FOLLOWMEWIDGET true / WINEONLINEWIDGET false / WOTMONTHWIDGET true / SUBSCRIBEWIDGET true / PRIMERWIDGET true / WINEKNOWWIDGET false / FEEDBACKWIDGET true / IMAGEBOX1 true / Monthly Images ENCOUNTERSWIDGET true / Grape Encounters LQIDEVENTSWIDGET true / Liquid Events PARTYPLANRWIDGET true / Party Planner FOODPAIRNGWIDGET true / Food Pairing [end] [store] WHOAMI Store / WINEONLINEWIDGET true / [end] [heb498] WHOAMI Store / WINEONLINEWIDGET true / [end] [generic] WHOAMI generic / [end]