Party Planner Tables

Party TABLES **************************************************************************** ID:987586038109996103 [Event] [S][cocktail-style party]Cocktail-Style=cs[E] [S][dinner party]Dinner=dp[E] [S][informal party]Informal=ig[E] [S][wine tasting party]Wine Tasting=wt[E] [/Event] [Glassware] [S][Plastic Wine Cup]Plastic Wine Cup=3[E] [S][Small Wine Glass]Small Wine Glass=3[E] [S][Medium Wine Glass]Med Wine Glass=4[E] [S][Large Wine Glass]Large Wine Glass=5[E] [/Glassware] [Guests] [S][4 Guests]4 Guests=4[E] [S][6 Guests]6 Guests=6[E] [S][8 Guests]8 Guests=8[E] [S][10 Guests]10 Guests=10[E] [S][12 Guests]12 Guests=12[E] [S][16 Guests]16 Guests=16[E] [S][20 Guests]20 Guests=20[E] [S][30 Guests]30 Guests=30[E] [S][30 Guests]30 Guests=30[E] [S][40 Guests]40 Guests=40[E] [S][50 Guests]50 Guests=50[E] [S][60 Guests]60 Guests=60[E] [S][70 Guests]70 Guests=70[E] [S][80 Guests]80 Guests=80[E] [S][90 Guests]90 Guests=90[E] [S][100 Guests]100 Guests=100[E] [/Guests] [Duration] [S][1 Hour]1 Hour=1[E] [S][2 Hours]2 Hours=2[E] [S][3 Hours]3 Hours=3[E] [S][4 Hours]4 Hours=4[E] [S][5 Hours]5 Hours=5[E] [/Duration] [NumWines] [S][1 Type of Wine]1 Type=1[E] [S][2 Types of Wine]2 Types=2[E] [S][3 Types of Wine]3 Types=3[E] [S][4 Types of Wine]4 Types=4[E] [S][5 Types of Wine]5 Types=5[E] [S][6 Types of Wine]6 Types=6[E] [/NumWines]