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[ws-title]Wine Steward Selections[stop]

[ws-selection]I have the good fortune to taste a great many wines. Below are the ten most recent that I've tried and enjoyed enough to recommend. Look for Wine Steward Selected tags on these and other wines in the store. Mouseover the wines below for taste profiles, click for food pairings and other information.[stop]

[te-intro]The Tasting Room is an archive of wines I have enjoyed over the past several months. You can browse the Tasting Room using the selection criteria below to find wines that you also might enjoy...[stop]

[we-intro]or you may browse simply by selecting a winery using the drop-down boxes below.[stop]

[fp-intro]Find wines in the Tasting Room to accompany your meals. Select your cheese, entree or speciality food item using the drop-downs below and see wines that pair well with them. Your pairing results will appear in the Tasting Room section above.[stop]

[party-intro]How much wine you'll need for an event is a function of the type of event, the size of the glass, the number of guests, the length of the event and the number of different wines served. Use the drop-down boxes below to describe your event.[stop]