Pinot Noir - Surh Luchtel Gary's Vineyard

DescriptionName: Pinot Noir - Gary's Vineyard
Color: Red
 Grape(s)Pinot Noir
 AppellationSanta Lucia Highlands Monterey California
Maker: Surh Luchtel Cellars
Cost: $50.00
Comments: A wonderful ripe and intense central coast Pinot Noir. Not your usual wimpy Pinot Noir.

Food PairingsMeats & Seafood: Poached, grilled, fried, baked or roasted fish, crustacean shell fish, beef, pork or fowl.
Sauce: Au jus, white, savory, herb
Cheese: Soft or hard goat cheese, medium cow and sheep cheese
Other: Mushrooms

Taste ProfileNotes: Gary's Vineyard Pinot Noir is ripe, assertive, intense and concentrated, with wild berry, baked cherry and gaminess; not your typical Pinot Noir.
 Quick Classification: Soft Red