Chardonnay - Clos du Bois

DescriptionName: Chardonnay
Color: White
 AppellationNorth Coast Chardonnay
Maker: Clos du Bois
Cost: $9.00

Food PairingsMeats & Seafood: Poached, raw, grilled, fried, baked or roasted fish, crustacean shell fish and fowl.
Sauce: Au jus, white, chili, herb
Cheese: Hard cow and sheep cheese
Other: Sushi

Taste ProfileNotes: Full-bodied with layered aromas of red and green apple, pear, vanilla bean, blossoms and lemon meringue. The palate delivers balanced structure and a palate-cleansing acidity alongside bright fruit flavors backed by intense notes of caramel, toffee, spice and toasty oak. The smooth, rich finish is lintering and wraps up with hints of butter and toast.
 Quick Classification: Drier White