Sauvignon Blanc Grape

Different wine-making techniques and different wine makers can create wines of widely varying styles from this grape. Therefore the profile provided is generic and represents the characteristics of the grape and not necessarily every wine made from it. Similarly, the food pairings provided are general and assume the typical style of wine traditionally made from this grape.
Food PairingsMeats & Seafood: Poached, raw, grilled, fried, baked or roasted fish, crustacean shell fish, fowl and game birds.
Sauce: Au jus, white, herb
Cheese: Soft goat cheese
Other: Most salad dressings, especially vinegar and citrus dressings.

Grape ProfileDepending on the climate, the flavor of Sauvignon Blanc can range from aggressively grassy to sweetly tropical. The best Sauvignon Blanc's are crisp, elegant, and fresh tasting. Not usually used in blends, Sauvignon Blanc is the principal grape in the white Bordeaux blend. Sauvignon varietal wines exhibit notes of fig, honeydew, citrus, grassy, grapefruit, lime, melon, bell pepper, green olive, asparagus, light, dry. When aged or fermented in oak the wine can have smoky bouquet. Also known as Fume' Blanc.