Grenache Grape

Different wine-making techniques and different wine makers can create wines of widely varying styles from this grape. Therefore the profile provided is generic and represents the characteristics of the grape and not necessarily every wine made from it. Similarly, the food pairings provided are general and assume the typical style of wine traditionally made from this grape.
Food PairingsMeats & Seafood: Poached, grilled, fried, baked or roasted beef, lamb, pork, game and game birds.
Sauce: Au jus, savory, tomato, mustard, peppercorn
Cheese: Hard goat cheese

Grape ProfileGrenache is a versatile variety and is used to make both light and heavy red wines. It is widely used in the production of Rosé due to its cherry red colour and its fragrant berry aromatics. However it can also be made into medium and full bodied reds, which have fleshy mid palates and soft tannins. While it shines as a straight varietal, with its flavours of berry fruit, cherries, earth and spice, it also blends well with Shiraz and Mourvèdre. When these three varieties are blended together, they are colloquially referred to as GSM or Rhône red blends.